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MVA's newest addition to our product line - A 3/4" 6X parallax and focus adjustable scope with external windage and elevation adjustable mounts.

Continuing the tradition of MVA quality and repeatability, we are now offering a variety of scope lengths to fit any need. All our scope tubes are one piece, center less ground, blued steel with a Pope-style rib. All optics are of the highest quality with each lens coated for the best in optical clarity. Each of the five different choices of sealed reticle assemblies are manufactured by etching the pattern on glass, then filling the pattern with non-reflective chrome. Reticles are interchangeable and are sold separately. Each scope comes with your choice of rear mount, along with a windage adjustable front mount, which is used primarily to set mechanical zero. Screw-on scope blocks are standard, with dovetail blocks being optional. Mounts will fit all 3/4" tube scopes with Pope-style rib. Comes with your choice of screw-on or dovetail blocks. Creedmore Mounts are available on Models 3000, 4000, 5000, and 6000 for an additional $50. Creedmore Mounts are only included on Model 7000, 8000, and 9000.

Series 2000 - 23" Scope
(shown on 30" barrel)
Price $945 - includes mounts

Series 3000 - 28" Scope
(shown on 30" barrel)
Price $995 - includes mounts

Series 4000 - Full length Scope
(17" spacing - shown on 30" barrel)
Price $1005 - includes mounts


Series 9000 - Full length Scope
(Dovetail mounted on 34" barrel)
with new extra tall Creedmoor Mounts
Price $1095

Not Pictured:
Series 5000 - Full length Scope (17" spacing on 32" barrel) - Price $1005
Series 6000 - Full length Scope (17" spacing on 34" barrel) - Price $1005
Series 7000 - Full-length dovetail mounted scope on 30" barrel - Price $1095
Series 8000 - Full-length dovetail mounted scope on 32" barrel - Price $1095

  • Magnification: 6X
  • Range Adjustment: 10 yards to infinity
  • Parallax Adjustable
  • Reticle Adjustment for Level
  • Field of View @ 100 Yards: 10 feet
  • Exterior Finish: Blued Steel
  • Pope Style Rib
  • Malcolm style Mounts (Blued Steel) , with Front and Rear Windage Adjustment
  • Battery Stop
  • Screw-on Covers for Both Ends
  • Clear Objective Cover Lens to protect lenses

Reticles for scopes
Reticles are non-reflective chrome etched on glass and sealed in a reticle tube. Please specify your reticle preference when ordering scopes. Additional reticles available - $185

E. Standard Reticle
Click to Enlarge

F. 4 or 6 Min Aperture
Click to Enlarge

G. Centerless Mil-Dot
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F. 7 Mil-Dot Reticle
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