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At MVA, our Soule sights have been duplicated as closely as possible to the original. We have incorporated various refinements which will ensure the highest possible accuracy. Our sights are manufactured from solid bar stock (no castings).  Through the use of EDM technology (electrical discharge machining) we are able to consistently maintain a .0002" clearance fit between the staff and the mainframe.  This creates a precise fit and insures repeatability and longevity of the sight.

   New! Soule XLR

We are proud to offer a sight with 414 MOA elevation and 88 MOA of windage adjustment. Couple this with a spirit level/windage front sight and you have the unbeatable combination of both accuracy and repeatability.
Weighs 3.7 oz
Price:  $525.00

   #100 Long Range

Our Long Range Soule includes the standard windage adjustment of +-22 MOA (44 total).  Staff height approx. 5.5".  An excellent choice for long range silhouette.
Weighs 3.1 oz
Price:  $457.00

   #101 Mid Range

Our Mid Range Soule includes the standard windage adjustment of +- 22MOA (44 total).  Staff height approx. 4.5" An excellent choice for silhouette.
Weighs 2.9 oz
Price: $425.00

   #103 Long Range Buffalo

Our Long Range Buffalo Soule is an excellent choice for Long Range and Creedmore shooting.  Our sight incorporates the maximum windage adjustment of +/- 44 MOA (88 total). Staff height approx. 5.5".
Weighs 3.3 oz
Price: $485.00

   #104 Schuetzen

Our Schuetzen Soule includes the standard +- 22 MOA (44 total).  Staff height approx. 3.5"  "Zero" point elevation is .180" lower and ideal for gallery or offhand shooting.
Weighs 2.6 oz
 Price: $375.00

   #102 Mid Range Buffalo

Mid Range Buffalo Soule incorporates the maximum windage adjustment of +- 44 MOA (88 total).  Staff height approx. 4.5"  Recommended for silhouette shooters using the more wind sensitive calibers.
Weighs 3.1 oz
Price:  $457.00

   Extra Base

MVA offers rear tang sight bases to fit most black powder cartridge rifles. Our staffs are interchangeable with all current MVA bases. Must send staff and screw for precise fit. Includes screws and spring.
Price $96.00

   Soule Knurled Knob

MVA Soule knurled knob is a must for quick and easy removal of the staff assembly.  
Price $36.00

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