Unparalleled Quality

Precision Craftsmanship and Quality

What does this mean? To some it is the finest equipment that money can buy. To others, it describes an instrument unmatched in quality and precision. At Montana Vintage Arms, we believe it is all this and much more. In competition, repeatability and consistency are key components to achieving a perfect score. We at MVA have dedicated our reputation on manufacturing the most consistent, repeatable metallic sights on the market today. Through the use of CNC and EDM technology, we are able to produce sights that mirror that of 125 years ago, but with unparalleled quality and reliability. We started down this journey in 1992 with a goal of producing a quality sight that would provide accuracy and dependability.

Our Commitment to Quality

Today, 21 years and thousands of sights later, we are still producing the finest quality sights and accessories for one of the most demanding shooting disciplines­—black powder cartridge silhouette. Our sights have consistently been in the winner’s circle over the years, which explains why we are the top sight producers in the industry. Couple this with unsurpassed customer service and a lifetime warranty and you have a winning combination.

Throughout this website, it is our goal to help you find the perfect sight combination for your specific shooting needs, whether it is BPCR or just plain ol’ plinking at the range. Remember, when minutes count, rely on a sight that will consistently place you in the winner’s circle.