Hadley Eyediscs


Hadley Eyediscs


This accessory is a must for the competitive shooter! Standard thread is a 10-40 for MVA sights. We offer the Hadley sight for both the MVA Soule and the Sharps Vernier tang sights. We have limited remaining stock on special Magnum Hadley sizes, please call for more info. Additional $10 for standard sizes, additional $15 for Magnum.



A “super-sized version of the original”, MVA now offers the new Montana Magnum Hadley eyedisc, with an eyedisc diameter of 1.95″ and 15 apertures ranging in size from .021″ to .115″. The Magnum features the same O-ring found on the standard eyedisc. In addition to the larger apertures, and the rubber O-ring, the larger eyecup actually blocks out unwanted light from around your eye, which creates a brighter image through the aperture. During low light conditions, this eyedisc delivers a competitive advantage by allowing the shooter to continue opening up the aperture until a crisp sight picture is seen clearly. Weighs 2.5 oz.



At MVA we know what competition is all about. That's why we created our Hadley style eyedisc to give the shooter that vital competitive edge. A deeper eyecup, along with a black matte finish, helps reduce glare. A rubber O-ring pressed into the outer ring of the eyecup prevents damage to the stock when folding sight down. Nine aperture sizes, ranging from .021″ to .074″ in .005″ to .008″ increments allow the shooter to adjust the sight for optimal sight picture for prevailing light conditions. Weighs 1.2 oz.



Your favorite inserts at a glance. Internal magnetic strip holds each insert firmly in place. The perfect way to carry and protect individual inserts from damage and loss. Weighs 1.0 oz.

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Eyediscs Options

Hadley Standard 10-40 Soule Assembly, Hadley Standard 10-40 Sharps Windage, Hadley Standard 10-32 Special Assembly, Hadley Standard 7/32-40 Special Assembly, Hadley Standard .25-40 Sepcial Assembly, Magnum Hadley 10-40 Soule Assembly, Magnum Hadley 10-40 Sharps Windage, Magnum Hadley 10-32 Assembly, Magnum Hadley .2187-40 Assembly, Magnum Hadley 1/4-40 Assembly, Magnum Hadley 12-28 Hadley Assembly


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