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MVA receives many questions about certain products and their specifications, so many that we have decided to try to help our current and potential customers by providing this section on the website. If you have a question or have been wondering about some of our products please peruse this section first—you might just find the information you need to make your next sight decision.

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Common MVA Questions

The Standard Hadley has nine aperture sizes: .021″, .031″, .037″, .043″, .052″, .060″, .067″, .075″ and the Magnum has six additional sizes: .080″, .087″, .094″, .101″, .108″ and .115″.

Our scopes are custom-built, per order. This typically takes 4-6 weeks. We will NOT charge your credit card until your order is ready to be shipped.

Small parts, and other items that are not custom-built are able to be shipped much quicker, generally within 1-2 business days.

Yes, the Soule style rear sights and the Sharps style sights are all interchangeable. Each base is adjustable for tang angle by adjusting the tension spring, and we manufacture bases and mounting screws for most black powder rifles available today.

Yes, the extra base is $96.00 and comes with the mounting screws necessary for the rifle. Many people will purchase the staff height necessary for the longest distance they will be shooting.

Yes, we warranty our products for life against manufacturing defects. In the instance where the sight has been damaged accidentally, we will advise you of the repair charges, and we will do our best to have your sight back to you as quickly as possible.

In most instances, yes. We do our best to keep up with all of the new guns being produced and their respective screw sizes. We typically need the following information: make and model of the rifle, manufacturer and type of stock (straight or piston grip on Winchester pattern rifles).

This is a good question and one that has many answers. We will need to know what type of rifle and what front sight you are using. The height of the front sight from bore centerline to centerline of glove is necessary so we can determine where the zero point elevation will be on the rear. Once we have this information, we will need to know what the drop on the tang is—how far back on tang the staff is located to determine where the eyepiece needs to be for a zero point elevation. On most rifles, a long-range sight is necessary to shoot 1,000 yards. But for silhouette or position matches, a mid-range sight is usually sufficient. The Winchester, Ballard and Stevens rifles all have minimal drop from the tang to the pivot point on the staff, therefore they will shoot farther. A Remington rolling block, Heplburn and Sharps all have more tang drop and will require a taller staff to the same distance. We recommend calling us on this question and we can discuss in detail which sight combinations will work best.

We suggest that you send us your front sight that you wish to replace and we will measure the dovetail on our optical comparator and cut the size you need.

Our sights have been designed to have the spirit level facing the action of the rifle.

Yes, we take personal checks, money orders and VISA, MasterCard and Discover. When placing an order, we will not charge your credit card until the day we ship your order.

Yes, we offer gift certificates in any amount you request. In the event that your purchase does not use all the funds available on the certificate, we will issue a new certificate for the balance.

We are sorry, but our insurance does not permit us to have non-employees on the work floor.

We do not manufacture custom sights, but we will cut specific dovetails and modify existing bases to accommodate various rifles.

Yes, all of our products are manufactured and assembled in our Belgrade, Montana facility—always have been and always will!

No we do not mount scopes. We suggest that you have a competent gunsmith and yourself present to determine the exact location of the mounts that will best suit your shooting style.

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