Soule Sights

At MVA our Soule sights have been duplicated as closely as possible to the original. We have incorporated various refinements, which ensure the highest possible repeatability. Our sights are manufactured from solid bar stock, with critical wear components heat-treated for long life. Through the use of EDM technology, electrical discharge machining, we are able to consistently maintain a .0002″ clearance fit between the staff and the mainframe. This creates a precise fit, which translates into a smooth, consistent and repeatable adjustment.

Vernier Tang Sights

At MVA, our philosophy on hunting sights is to purchase only the amount of sight that you need for the specific application. Many times, when hunting in brushy areas, there is no time to adjust the sight, so one must “hold” for elevation and windage, therefore the #133 is the best choice. For the hunter who likes to pull “sneaks” on his game, he will have the time to adjust for both elevation and windage prior to the shot. We have attempted to provide the hunter with all the options to fit their specific needs.

Sharps Vernier Tang Sights

MVA offers the Sharps Vernier tang sight as a close reproduction of the original Sharps sight, but we have incorporated into the design the ability to lock both the elevation and the windage with a simple tightening of the eye disc. We are currently manufacturing three different staff heights to fit any need, the #107 Long Range, #108  Mid Range and the #130 series of sporting tang sights designed for the hunter or gallery shooter. As with all our rear sights, Vernier scale graduations are engraved using our CNC equipment and all staff assemblies are interchangeable with any of our bases.

Extra Bases & Mounting Screws

MVA offers rear tang sight bases to fit most black powder cartridge rifles. Our staffs are interchangeable with all current MVA bases. Each base spring is adjustable to accommodate the different tang angles of various rifles. Includes screws and springs.  Bases….$96

Mounting screws for these bases to fit various rifles are available for purchase separately. Call for prices.

MVA Custom Sights, Eye Discs & Apertures 

Globe Sights

We are currently offering nine styles of front globe sights. Each style offers a unique advantage to the shooter, depending on your requirements. All globe sights come with your choice of interchangeable sight insert card. All sign insert slots are .025″ wide, which allows the use of two inserts creating a custom sight picture. Dovetail sizes are .378″, .384″, .393″, .440″, .453″ and .469″. Custom dovetail sizes can be manufactured to customer’s specification. Our policy when milling our front dovetails is to cut the dovetail .003″ over nominal dimension to allow for precise fitting, thus a .375″ dovetail will be cut to .378″. All Sharps style globes (111-113) have a .500 inside diameter, whereas the Stevens/Winchester have a .404 inside diameter.