Soule XLR


Soule XLR


Introducing the newest sight from Montana Vintage Arms—the Soule XLR.

Over the past few years we have received quite a few requests for a sight that would be capable of keeping you on target at distances approaching one mile. Not backing down from a challenge, we are proud to offer a sight with 414 MOA elevation and 88 MOA of windage adjustment. Couple this with a spirit level/windage front sight and you have the unbeatable combination of both accuracy and repeatability— which is crucial to success at these distances. So to those who are up to this challenge, we proudly submit the new Soule XLR.

Soule XLR………..$525

• Soule XLR 414 MOA elevation
• 88 MOA windage
• Staff height measures 6.18″ from the pivot screw to the top of the staff
• Weighs 3.7 oz.

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