#117/118 Winchester-Style Windage Globe Sight


#117/118 Winchester-Style Windage Globe Sight


The Stevens/Winchester line of sights are close copies of the originals. Our goal with these sights is to give the shooter a competitive quality sight, which is authentic to the rifle they are shooting. These sights can be ordered with a plain clip, Spirit level clip, or both. The inside diameter of the globe is .404″, the insert slot is cut to .025″ to allow for the use of two inserts, with the inserts being retained by the clip sliding in a dovetail cut on the outside of the globe.


This sight is a close reproduction of the original Winchester sight, with the windage screw permanently fixed in the sight. The windage adjustments are calibrated in 2 MOA increments, with a total of 56 MOA of adjustment. As with the #115/116 sights, the Spirit level clip can be replaced with the plain clip for hunting. Centerline of globe to base of dovetail is .525″.

Comes with an insert card specific to this sight.

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#117-Style, #118-Style


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