The Winchester “B” Series Scope



Over the years our customers have asked for a rugged and dependable scope, better suited for hunting. As we are committed to customer satisfaction, we proudly present our reproduction of the Winchester “B” series scope. It is available in 3X, 4X or 5X, with your choice of rear mount. You will find these scopes to be an exact copy with the exception of modern, fully coated optics for the demanding shooter. Both the #1 and the #2 rear mounts are exact copies of the original—right down to the “grasshopper” spring for that traditional look and feel. These scopes are also well suited for the new .22 Silhouette matches. Take aim with one and you won’t be disappointed!

The MVA Scope


Continuing in the tradition of MVA quality and repeatability, we are now offering a variety of scope lengths to fit any need. All our scope tubes are one piece, center less ground, blue steel with a Pope-style rib. All optics are of the highest quality, with each lens coated for the best in optical clarity. Each sealed reticule assembly, we currently are offering five different choices, are manufactured by etching the pattern on glass then filling the pattern with non-reflective chrome. Reticules are interchangeable and are sold separately. Each scope comes with your choice of rear mount, along with windage adjustable front mount, which is used primarily to set mechanical zero. Screw-on scope blocks are standard, with dovetail blocks being optional. Mounts will fit all ¾” tube scopes with Pope-style rib. Comes with your choice of screw-on or dovetail blocks.

The New “A” Scope

Montana Vintage Arms now offers a 8 power and a 10 power scope.  The new “A” Scope is a variation of the MVA 2000 series scope.  A new, 8″ pope rib replaces the 6″ pope rib, which allows for the mount spacing to be at either 10.34″ or 7.2″.  Three different mount configurations are then offered for this scope.  The Winchester #2 rear and the original front mount is one option.  The mount spacing for this must be 7.2″.  The Malcolm Silhouette and Schuetzen style mounts are also available.  MVA has designed a unique Adjustable Front Mount (pictured below) that is paired up with the #2 Mount for the third option.  The new Adjustable Front Mount gives the shooter the ability to adjust elevation with the front mount.  This allows the shooter to use the front mount for coarse adjustment, while keeping the rear mount in the center of adjustment.  The shooter can then keep a constant cheek hold from short range all the way to long range.

Scope Accessories