Creedmoor Rear/Front Mount Set


Creedmoor Rear/Front Mount Set


Similar to the Silhouette mount except that it has an additional 125 Minutes Of Angle adjustment in elevation. This is useful for the series 3000 through 6000 scopes when shooting farther than 800 yards. The advantage of this mount is the ability to shoot from 25 yards to approximately 1,250 yards, depending upon caliber. Note: this mount is not recommended for the 23″ scope on a 30″ or longer barrel. At the top of travel the scope will be pointed at the barrel, thus obstructing the view.

– First photo: Rear mount.
– Second photo: Front mount.


  • Includes a set of Screw-on or Dovetail blocks
  • Front & Rear mount sold as a set
  • Mounts will fit all ¾” tube scopes with the Pope-style rib.


  • Blocks come in 30, 40 or 50 Minute heights
  • They are used with the rear mount to increase range for shooting (a drawback is the loss of short range shots)
  • Additional sets of blocks sold separately
  • Product detail here


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Riser Blocks

30 Minute, 40 Minute, 50 Minute


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