Silhouette Style Rear/Front Mount Set


Silhouette Style Rear/Front Mount Set


This mount has the elevation knob and engraving moved to the left side of the staff. This makes it easier for a right-handed shooter in the prone position to see the elevation adjustments. Both elevation and windage adjustments are consistent with our Soule tang sights. Turning the elevation knob clockwise moves the point of impact up, and turning the windage knob clockwise moves the point of impact to the right. With all rear mounts, the MOA adjustment must be calculated based upon the mount spacing.

– First photo: Rear mount.
– Second photo: Front mount.


  • Includes a set of Screw-on or Dovetail blocks
  • Front & Rear mount sold as a set
  • Mounts will fit all ¾” tube scopes with the Pope-style rib.


  • Blocks come in 30, 40 or 50 Minute heights
  • They are used with the rear mount to increase range for shooting (a drawback is the loss of short range shots)
  • Additional sets of blocks sold separately
  • Product detail here


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Riser Blocks

40 Minute, 50 Minute, 60 Minute


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