Action Parts

The 1885 Single Shot

Montana Vintage Arms is now offering the Model 1885 Single Shot.  This action is a replica of the original 1885 Single Shot produced by Winchester.  The action body, breech block, hammer, lower tang, and lever are manufactured from HR8620 bar stock.  All necessary components have been heat treated.  The internal components have been machined to finish dimension, while the external components are machined within .005″ for finishing purposes.  All components are interchangeable with the original 1885 Single Shot.  This is a flat main spring action.

  • Double set trigger Action————-$1450.00
  • Single Set Trigger Action————-$1350.00
  • Single Trigger Action—————–$1250.00
  • For pistol grip tang add $50.00

Please call to place your order—–406-388-4027

Individual parts can also be purchased.  Select the action below to view a complete parts and pricing list for all of the action components.

Double Set Trigger Action

Single Set Trigger Action

Single Trigger Action

Manufactured under license by Valley Machine